blooming (2019)

    In this project, I combine several different working methods that affect one another. The starting point of my exploration are plastic bags found in the urban environment. I put myself into the role of a collector and then processor. Thus in the first phase, Blooming can be characterized as a performative act which gradually turns into a sculptural creation.
    It all starts in the form of spontaneous and unregulated event and then develops into modeling with offered. I give the object a new shape and meaning. I transform them from three to two-dimensional forms, from positive to negative and back when I place them in front of a public eye. I reappraise abandoned plastic bags in something new and present it through photography, which allow indirect access to the originals.
    Photographic medium serves as some sort of document and thus the contact point between me and the viewer. I make originals present in a way that they are absent. They were blooming like roses.