A huge impact on my work has been the environment that has surrounded me during the period of my exchange. The fascinating but largely odd thing that caught my eye from the very beginning was the representation of the natural. It has been found in various ways, but mainly as a decoration of specific places. I started documenting these places, where nature appears especially in the form of artificial plants and wall paintings that tend to make the environment more vibrant and exciting.
    Ironically, I continued making a system START, CHOOSE, PLAY, a playground for the public in which artificial plants are the main motif. They come to life when in interaction with the audience because I give it an opportunity to decorate the surrounding place. The viewer is no longer just that but also becomes an active participant of the artwork. He or she influences the visual content that is being produced because in the same time the content is projected on the wall on the exhibition. Not only that virtual plants are imitating the natural ones, but also the act of producing the visual content imitates my behaviour in the first several weeks of studying abroad.

419 images were made alltogether with the app.

3D models: 1, 2, 3
Technical support: Matej Novotný