Pit Stop (2021)

    In this project, I occupy a gallery space where I let myself the possibility for unexpected to happen. In the process of filling the void, I follow my own rules, imagination, and the already given architectural definitions of the space in which I  gradually settle.
  Before the opening of the exhibition unexpectedly, as I label it, transforms into a three-dimensional volume full abstraction, which gives the gallery room a special ambience. The focus point of the room is the interactive monumental body, which lives under specific light and colour conditions and nevertheless interacts with the viewer's movement. The seemingly simple and clean formation of the space allows the visitor various entrances, readings as well as experiences, due to which the formation gains in complexity.
    I interpret the spatial installation as my intimate imaginary state in which a balance between what is already given (neutral) and what is brought in (visually saturated) is reached. At a certain level, the gesture symbolizes my own well-being and highlights my eternal exploration or the establishment of a relationship between two contradictory states.

On view at Fotopub (Ljubljana) until 5. 2. 2021.

Stills above are from the video recorded by Lana.They represent a possible interaction of my work with the visitor.